I have always considered myself to be a confident, ambitious, go getter type of person. Yet being honest, I wasn't where I wanted to be in my career.


After my first session with AJ, I felt like I had utter clarity on what I truly wanted. Not only professionally but personally with realistic steps on how I could achieve it. It was a real eureka moment! I had spent the last few years waiting for permission from others to start living the life I wanted, creating invisible doors- locking me out of the world I wanted to be a part of. AJ showed me I already had the key. 

Through the sessions my mindset has entirely changed, I now don't feel guilty for investing in my career, which has made me much happier in return. So much so that even friends and family have commented on I how seem to be 'buzzing' and lighter, (perhaps all the guilt I left behind.) 

AJ is approachable, humorous, honest and totally inspiring. I couldn't recommend her enough - she has changed my life

Vanessa Hehir,

Actress & Filmmaker