1 on 1 coaching

Are you a creative woman who struggles to work on your dream project? Do you lack time, money, or contacts? Do you feel powerless, unvalued, unheard? Maybe you haven't started yet or you've tried everything, and you're confused on what to do next.

Don't give up.

As a coach, I help my clients find the map to their treasure, that big dream that looks so far away. I help them establish clear goals, work on their mindset, so they feel empowered, focused and ready to face any challenges.

Join me in my Premium programme for private coaching sessions, with bespoke sessions and activities.

Check my programme below, and have a look at the testimonials to get a clearer idea.

Treasure your dream

Coaching programme

Step 1: Clarify your vision

We will work on identifying what you really want as an artist. What is your big dream? And most importantly, why? During this process, I will help you map out a vision for your future.


Step 2: What's holding you back?

We all have limited beliefs from our childhood or incidents that happened later in our life. Negative toughts pattern and our inner voice can hold us back. We will work on your limited beliefs – conscious and subconscious – to clear the way.


Step 3: Reframe your beliefs

Beliefs shape your reality. We will start our work on transforming your beliefs as we completely remove and release any beliefs that no longer serve you, and replace them with empowering beliefs.

Step 4: Let go

You will learn how to let go of the past and what is not serving you anymore, and how you can manifest an empowering energy to achieve your goals and face obstacles along the way.


Step 5: Get that treasure

We will work on an Inspired Action strategy to help you take action that keeps you in alignment.

We will tune into your feminine energy, to help you feel empowered no matter what, and you will learn how to keep moving in the forward momentum.