Creative Mindset Podcast

Being an artist has its ups and downs, dealing with rejection, frustration, being visible and finding your voice.

Join AJ Merlin, a Creative Mindset Coach and writer, as she shares practical mindset tips and visualisations so you can feel empowered in your creative career and live a life that feels right to you.

This podcast is twice a month (on Tuesdays) and is for artists at any stage of their career who want to work on their mindset, wellbeing and self-development.

You can download an additional workbook that covers extra activities linked to the episodes of the month.

You will find:

  • Affirmations cheatsheet and suggestions,

  • Journaling prompts,

  • Reflective questions for each visualisation,

  • and specific activites linked to each talk.

Check out the description of each workbook for more information.